Stream Coaching 1 on 1

With a working and educational background in community & business development, my passion is to be able to help streamers make their content their full time job.

My motto is: You don't have to be a HUGE streamer to be successful.

1 on 1 stream coaching offers the following:

- A bespoke tailor made coaching session

- Support to grow your channel

- We work together it isn't about me telling you what to do, its about figuring out how YOU create sustainable content

- 20 minute free pre coaching session prior to the hour so that YOU get what you are looking for out of the hour.

We will arrange a time that suits you. I recommend 3 hours of coaching across a month to get the best experience. Anyone who buys 3 hours will automatically receive 1 hour free follow up 4 weeks later - basically a bonus hour!!

Stream Platform:
Facebook Live
Primary Language: English
On Stream: No
Buyer must have discord: Yes