Group Coaching for Streaming

With a working and educational background in community & business development, my passion is to be able to help streamers make their content their full time job.

My motto is: You don't have to be a HUGE streamer to be successful.

Group Coaching offers the following:

- A bespoke coaching session to fit the group aspirations

- An affordable way to check out if coaching is for you in a small group

- Support to grow your channel

- We work together it isn't about me telling you what to do, its about figuring out how YOU create sustainable content

- 10 minute consultation session prior to the hour so that YOU get what you are looking for out of the hour.

You MUST be available at 8PM on the last day of the month which is when the session will take place. No more than 6 people per group session.

Stream Platform:
Facebook Live
Primary Language: English
On Stream: No
Buyer must have discord: Yes